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Hard Times

Went directly to Police Office, where I announced my decision to quit, and turned in my pass and wrote out my resignation. Now I have no more job that a jackrabbit!

H. Beam Piper    

The Deer Stalkers

I do enjoy hunting and, as you know, I am rarely without a firearm of some sort or other in the woods. Yet that does not put me in the same class as these men who can see nothing in the woods but game to be killed, any more than my fondness for good liquor puts me in the same class with a town drunkard or my fondness for biological recreation puts me in the same class with a man whose whole life centers about his genito-urinary system.

H. Beam Piper    

Never a Debtor Be

I regret writing you on such cursed short notice, just as I regret my delay in writing you anent my coming down in deer season, but my affairs, financial and otherwise, are in such a damnable tangle at present that I never know, more than a few days in advance, just what I am going to be able to do, and as it is not my custom to make promises and then turn again and break them, I canít help it.

H. Beam Piper 1927    

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